Top 10 methods to get free traffic

10 Free Methods to Get Traffic to Your Website

No matter what you are selling on your website, you need traffic. Getting targeted traffic can be costly if you use paid advertising, such as Google AdWords, or Facebook advertising. Luckily, there are quite a few free methods for getting visitors to your website.

Top 10 methods to get free traffic to your website

Let me show you this infographic which shows 10 of the most effective tactics for getting free traffic. Hope you like this infographic.

Methods to get free traffic infographic

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  1. YouTube and Other Video Sites

    There are now thousands of video sharing sites, but YouTube is by far the largest. It’s also the second largest search engine on the internet, next to Google (which owns YouTube). This makes it an extremely valuable source of traffic if you use it correctly.

    There are many ways to make free videos. You can start by using the webcam on your computer or smart phone. You can also make videos using PowerPoint or services such as Animoto (they do have a free version, though it only lets you make short videos).

    Make sure you optimize your videos by putting keywords in the title and description. You will often do better with video marketing if you offer viewers a free gift by visiting your site, rather than by trying to sell them something outright.

  2. Blog commenting

    This is a tried and true way to get traffic. Look for popular, frequently updated blogs in your niche. You don’t want to waste time on blogs that are too obscure or that have hardly any posts.

    When you leave comments, make sure they are useful and relevant. One line comments will simply be deleted as spam. When you leave a comment, you will usually see a space where you can insert your URL. This can get you some good targeted traffic.

  3. Forum Posting

    Forums are another type of site that can be leveraged for traffic. As with blogs, you want to look for ones that are busy as well as relevant to your topic. You will have to join the forum and post regularly so people get to know you.

    The way you get traffic from forums is to create a signature that has your website URL. Most forums won’t let you advertise your site in posts, so make sure you follow the rules.

  4. Guest Blogging

    This is another way to get traffic for free from popular blogs. In this case, you will have to contact blog owners and ask them if they would accept a guest post from you.

    If you are invited to submit a guest post, make sure it’s well written and original. At the end of the post, you will have your name and a link back to your site. You may be able to make an arrangement with a few blogs where you submit guest posts on a regular basis.

  5. Article Marketing

    This is one of the oldest methods for generating free traffic. While some people claim that it no longer works, this isn’t actually true. You just have to approach it the right way.

    It’s not as easy to get traffic directly from article directories as it used to be. That’s because the search engines no longer rank these directories as highly as they once did. Yet if you can get other, high traffic sites to republish your articles you can still get lots of traffic using this method.

    The key is to make sure you write interesting and informative articles. Submit them to large directories such as and Your aim is to get your articles syndicated by other publishers, so always keep quality in mind!

  6. Free Classifieds

    There are many different free classifieds sites on the internet. These can be useful for getting some good traffic to your site. The best known right now is Craigslist, but there are many others as well, such as eBay and Facebook both have free classifieds sections too.

    The best way to use free classifieds is to offer readers something for free, so they have an incentive to visit your site. Write enticing ads so that people will be curious enough to click on them.

  7. Social Media Sites

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites can be a valuable source of free traffic. With these sites, you have to invest some time into building up your list of contacts.

    You also have to post regularly to your social networks, and make sure your posts are interesting. The majority of your posts should not be pitches, or people will see you as a spammer. You can easily find free, helpful content to post such as images, videos, quotes and news articles in your niche.

  8. Press Releases

    You can often get a good burst of free traffic from press releases. There are free services where you can send out your press releases. One of these is

    Press release services may try to get you to upgrade to a paid package, but this is optional. Make sure you write press releases in the correct format, which is in the style of a news story rather than like an advertisement. You can find templates for press releases on the internet if you’re not sure how they should look. The press release sites themselves usually have samples you can study.

  9. Social Bookmarking

    Every time you add a post to your blog or website, you should bookmark it on sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and others. These can be a great source of free traffic.

    You should also have social bookmarking buttons on your site so that visitors can bookmark your content. If you use WordPress, plugins such as Sociable can make it easier for people to share your content this way.

  10. Get Offline Traffic

    Don’t overlook the possibilities for getting traffic from offline sources. This can include putting your website URL on business cards, flyers, postcards, coffee mugs, t-shirts, your vehicle or anywhere you can think of!

    For this type of promoting, it’s best to have a short and easy to remember URL. People will have to remember it or write it down, so you don’t want it to be too long or complicated.

Be Creative and Consistent About Getting Traffic

There are many sources of free traffic. The ones discussed here are some of the most effective techniques, but there are others as well. You should use several methods of generating traffic for maximum results.

You can get plenty of traffic for free, but eventually you may want to invest in some type of paid traffic. Aside from advertising, there is also the possibility of outsourcing free traffic to save time. Any of the above methods can be outsourced. However, until this is in your budget, you can work on getting as much traffic as possible for free!

How do you like our infographic and tips above? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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