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Create a Website Easily with Web Hosting Hub

Everyone wants a website nowadays, but not everyone has the skills to build one from scratch. Web Hosting Hub makes it easy to build a website quickly, even if you know nothing about coding or web design.

There are many web hosts to choose from. When looking at your alternatives, you have to consider not only things like the price and the features you get with hosting plans, but also how easy and user friendly it is to actually build a site.

Website builder

If you don’t have the time or skills to build a professional looking site, you can quickly run into problems. Some web hosts have site builders, but most of them are not user friendly, imcomplete and don’t come with many customizable features!

Using an inferior site builder can result in a generic or poorly designed site. Your other option, of course, is to pay a web designer. This can end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

For these reasons, Web Hosting Hub’s Premium Website Builder is a very attractive feature. Best of all, it comes free with all of their web hosting plans.

What is a Site Builder?

First of all, we should talk a little about site builders in general. When you buy a domain and sign up for web hosting, you have several options to build your website.

  1. Build from scratch

    You can build it yourself from scratch, which requires some type of coding skills. You can use software such as WebEasy Professional, WebPlus, SiteSpinner, DreamWeaver or many others.

  2. Use WordPress or another CMS

    Another option is to use a blogging application (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. These do-it-yourself options aren’t necessarily difficult, but they involve some kind of learning curve.

  3. Use a Site Builder

    Site builders, on the other hand, are features offered by many web hosts that are designed to be point-and-click simple. You choose a template and type in your content. You can also add images, videos and other features by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Web Hosting Hub’s Premium Website Builder

Web Hosting Hub website builder

Since many web hosting companies offer site builders, what makes Web Hosting Hub’s site builder different?

  • Over 500 Website Templates

    One of the biggest differences is that this tool offers more than 500 templates, all of which can be customized in many ways.

    This means that you can easily make your website unique. This is important if you want your site to stand out and not look like thousands of others. You can choose your colors, fonts, layouts, header graphics, logos and more.

  • Easy to Add or Edit Content

    Once you set up your site, you can add content and edit it whenever you want. Creating text is as easy as it is with a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

  • Animated Flash Intros

    This can make your site look distinctive and professional.

  • E-Commerce Features

    You can set up an online store using the website builder too! You can easily set up product categories and descriptions, and accept payments using leading payment processors such as PayPal and 2Checkout.

  • Additional Features

    You have many options with the Premium Website Builder. You can add a blog, image gallery, message boards or guest book.

Aside from these benefits, Web Hosting Hub gives you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited addon-domains with all hosting packages.

Web Hosting Hub is a leading web host that has been hosting websites for more than a decade. They are reliable, provide great support and keep your site secure and running as it should, so you can feel confident hosting your site with them!

Advantages of Using Web Hosting Hub’s Website Builder

Not everyone needs a tool like the Premium Website Builder. If you have the time or expertise to build your own website, you don’t need a site builder at all. If you have money to invest in outsourcing, you can get a professional looking website built in a week or two.

However, many people don’t have the time, skills or money to build a great looking site from scratch. If you fall into this category, you really need a simple point-and-click yet features-rich website builder. There is no better one than Web Hosting Hub’s site builder.

Create a website with Web Hosting Hub

Keep in mind that you can always create a more advanced website later on as you develop more skills. The Premium Website Builder gives you a way to have an attractive website within hours of signing up for web hosting.

It’s crucial to realize that not all site builders are equal. Some only give you a handful of templates. This means there could be thousands of sites out there that look very similar to yours. With Web Hosting Hub’s site builder, however, you have hundreds of customizable templates to choose from.

To learn more about Web Hosting Hub’s site builder, see:

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