HostGator webmail

HostGator Webmail

If your website is hosted by HostGator, you have access to Webmail, which gives you several different options for sending and receiving email through a web interface. In this article, I’m going to be discussing some of the features of HostGator’s Webmail and what they can do for you.

Although Webmail was originally only compatible with computers, HostGator has now created a complete mobile compatible Webmail system so that you can access your email from your mobile devices which include your smart phone and tablets.

Overview of HostGator Webmail

Webmail is a feature that allows you to access your email from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet. This is extremely convenient for people who travel a lot, or who work outside their homes in various locations.

HostGator webmail

In order to use Webmail, you will first have to configure the application. You do this from your HostGator control panel. Once you log in to Webmail, you will see a number of choices.

When you use Webmail, you can choose between Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail.

For the purposes of using basic email features, it really doesn’t make that much difference which one you choose. All give you the ability to create and reply to emails, use folders such as for junk emails, draft emails and so forth. Yet beyond this, there are some differences between the three webmail clients.

  1. SquirrelMail


    This is my favorite of the three, only because it has the simplest interface. When I use Webmail, I generally just want to quickly check my emails and possible send off a quick reply.

    SquirrelMail makes it really easy to do this. When you log into SquirrelMail, you will see a list of your emails. So if this is all you’re looking for, this is probably your best choice.

  2. RoundCube


    Roundcube is an open source webmail application that also has many useful features, including:

    • Unlimited Messages
    • Supports external SMTP Server
    • Messages in either HTML or Richtext formats
    • Address Book
    • Spell Check
    • Available in 70 languages
    • Forward Messages with Attachments
    • Privacy Protection

    These are some of the things that make Roundcube a good choice for Webmail users.

  3. Horde


    Horde gives you more features than SquirrelMail or RoundCube.

    It’s more like using a complete email program such as Outlook Express. If you frequently use Webmail, and want the ability to organize your messages and perhaps access multiple accounts, you might prefer Horde.

    With Horde you have features such as:

    • Virtual Folders for Saved Searches
    • Email Confirmations
    • Web Based Calendar and Organizer
    • Task Manager Supporting Multiple Users
    • Access to Remote Email Servers (such as Outlook Express)
    • Message Filtering
    • WYSIWYG HTML Message Composition
    • Emoticons
    • Special Characters

    This is just a partial list of the many features you get with Horde Webmail. This is the most comprehensive of the three, and good for people who use Webmail for business purposes, or anyone who simply needs a powerful application for accessing email on the go!

More Features of HostGator Webmail

Whichever Webmail application you use, there are certain features you can use with Webmail that are quite convenient. Some of these are:

  • Auto Responders

    You can set up an automated message to respond to emails while you’re away, such as when you are on vacation.

  • Forwarding

    You can forward emails from one email address to another. For example, if you always check your Gmail, you can setup emails from your website to be automatically forwarded to your Gmail email account.

  • BoxTrapper

    This is a feature to prevent spam emails from getting through. When you set this up, the sender will have to verify that he or she is a real person and not a spam bot. Once they complete a verification process, they will be able to send you email; otherwise, the emails will go into a special folder.

  • Email Filtering

    Use this to separate your emails into different categories. You can set up filters based on the sender’s email address, subject line or content of the email. This helps you prioritize your emails and place the important ones in one place.



HostGator is a web host that provides a lot of features and benefits. Webmail is something that almost everyone can use at one point or another. Some people actually use Webmail most of the time for accessing their email.

You can use one or more of the webmail applications mentioned above. It’s usually simpler to pick one and stick with it. If you’re not familiar with any of them, you may want to take a look at them and see which you prefer.

On the other hand, you may want to use different services for different situations. For example, you could use SquirrelMail when you just want to check your email quickly, but Horde when you have more complicated tasks to accomplish.

HostGator Webmail is quite versatile, especially now that they’ve added mobile compatibility to the mix. Now you can access your email from anywhere, using almost any device that’s connected to the internet!

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