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One common complain of webmasters of their web hosting provider is the lack of expandability. Why, you may ask. Well, this is because not all web hosting providers offer a range of hosting services to meet the various website hosting resources requirements, especially when you need more resources (such as disk space and bandwidth) when your website grows! Most of them offer a single web hosting plan i.e. standard Linux shared hosting.


Now when a website that is hosted on a shared server outgrows what the plan can offer, the webmaster would need to upgrade to a plan which offers more resources. Naturally, most webmasters would upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Servers.

If their current web hosting providers do not offer such plans, these webmasters would be forced to transfer the whole website to another web host who does. And while this is possible, it does take effort and time and not to mention, some downtime, which you probably can’t afford when your website is that huge. The question then is why not search for a web hosting provider who does offer easy upgrade paths to avoid all the headaches of migrating to another web host later.

One such web hosting provider is LunarPages.

A little about LunarPages

LunarPages was launched over 15 years ago in 1998. Through the years, they have grown into an industry leader for enterprise-level IT solutions as well as a global web hosting company. They are pretty much like a one-stop center for web hosting, where they provide solutions for every level of your web hosting needs, from building and designing a website to marketing and optimizing it for traffic.

They also have a wide range of hosting plans to meet the different requirements of web owners regardless of whether they are beginners or advanced users. You can choose from subscribing to a simple email hosting plan to the common shared hosting to the resources-packed Cloud hosting.

What about the company’s level of technology?

Well, currently, they have half a dozen data centers around the US i.e. San Diego and Irvine in California, Las Vegas in Nevada, Oak Brook in Chicago, Ashburn in Virginia and the latest data center in Denver, Colorado. All their data centers are equipped with state of the art on-site security with camera surveillance and biometric verification 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LunarPages hosting packages

Hosting plans

LunarPages has a wide range of hosting solutions. Here is a quick look at their plans.

  • Starter Hosting

    As the name suggest, this is the beginner’s plan.

    Those who want a simple website, especially a personal blog, will find that this cheap plan has some pretty good basic features to offer. You will get 50GB of bandwidth per month and 5GB of storage. This is more than enough for a beginner’s website since HTML files are small.

    Domain name, however, is not included and costs $19.95 per year. Honestly, you can get cheaper domain names through other registrars like Godaddy and it is fine to do so. Just have the domain point back to LunarPages’ nameservers once you have purchased it.

    Price per month: from $3.95
    Recommended for: beginners

  • Basic Linux Hosting

    For those who would like to have slightly more features, you can opt for the Basic Linux Hosting plan. This plan provides unlimited bandwidth and storage as well as unlimited email and FTP accounts. And it gets better. You will get unlimited add-on domains, sub domains and parked domains. Want to start add a new blog to your current website and create a new site at the same time? No worries, as this plan allows you to do that – you can save a lot of money by hosting all those sites under a single account!

    Freebies include 1 free domain name for the first year and a $25 Facebook ads credit. You will find that this is one of the most affordable basic Linux hosting plans around.

    Price per month: from $4.95
    Recommended for: personal blogs and small websites

  • Windows Hosting

    This plan is especially for those whose websites run on classic ASP, .Net, Microsoft SQL Server, Access or any other Windows-based applications. It is more expensive than Linux hosting because Windows is a licensed program and they have to pay license fee to Microsoft.

    This web host is definitely one of the few reliable Windows hosting providers around.

    Bandwidth is limited to 400GB per month and storage up to 5GB. You do get an extra add-on domain as well as unlimited sub domains. You will be glad to know that you gets 1 free domain name for the first year too!

    Price per month: from $9.95
    Recommended for: websites which requires Windows servers hosting

  • Business Hosting

    There’s even an e-commerce web hosting plan which comes with special tools for business support. This plan comes with some cool tools like online support system, a hack protection service, 1-click installer with hundreds of scripts as well as support for various programming languages (including Ruby on Rails, PHP and PERL) as well as unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases, domains and so on. There’s also a $25 Facebook Ads credit too.

    Price per month: from $19.95
    Recommended for: businesses, complex e-commerce sites

If you need more features, or if you want to host a big and more complex website, then, you can check out their more advanced hosting solutions like VPS, Dedicated Servers and Scalable Cloud Hosting.

Scalable cloud hosting

For the Scalable Cloud Hosting plan, you are given the flexibility to determine how much resources you will need and then proceed to pay according to your configuration. For example, disk space costs $1.25 per GB and bandwidth at $0.35 per GB. Thus the name “scalable”. It helps reduces the possibility of huge under-utilized resources and more importantly, you do not need to change plans in order to adjust your configuration.

This plan is great for organizations whose resources requirements fluctuate with time and want flexibility in their plans to meet this fluctuation!

Hosting features

What are the advantages of subscribing to a LunarPages plan? Here are some of their plans’ features.

  1. Reliability

    Reliability is generally a problem with cheap web hosting providers or anyone who claim to offer you free web hosting. Many have constant downtime that it gives your website a bad reputation. LunarPages used to have some downtime issues but this seemed to have been resolved now. Uptime is pretty reliable these days!

  2. 24/7/365 Support

    One of the most important things that I always look for in a web host is its support. Not just their sales team but their technical support too. And my experiences with LunarPages’ technical support have been great so far! I had gotten lots of help whether through live chats, phones or ticketing (emails).

    Not only does Lunarpages have a knowledgeable technical support team but also a friendly and active community. There’s also a comprehensive knowledge-based page with useful guides and tutorials.

  3. Expandability

    This was highlighted in the beginning of this post. LunarPages has a good variety of upgrade options should you ever find yourself in need of an upgrade. And you will also find that the plans are very much affordable. You will not need to migrate to another web host for upgrades.

  4. Softaculous 1-Click Install

    With the exception of Windows hosting plan, all other web hosting plans come equipped with the popular 1-click installer, Softaculous. With hundreds of scripts available for installation at just the click of a button, you won’t need to waste your precious time trying to figure out how to install an application manually. Now, it is ever so simple, and fast too, to install applications like blogs, forums, CMS, social networking and so on, in your website.

  5. Security

    This company takes hosting security very seriously. That is why they employ the best DoS and DDosprotection services to ensure traffic quality and filter any malicious activity. While I admit this does not totally prevent attacks, it definitely will reduce such instances and help maintain a safe and secure environment for your website.

    However, in case you want added protection, they also offer the SecureLive Website Security, an advance patented security system for $9.95 per domain per month. This system can be integrated easily with various platforms’ security, be it WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Over the years, the SecureLive Website Security has blocked over 60 million hacks and shut down thousands of hackers.

  6. Control Panel

    LunarPages utilizes the popular cPanel control panel for their Linux plans and Plesk for their Windows hosting plans. Both these control panels are very user-friendly and allow you to do a lot of task easily. Navigating through these control panels is easy and do not require lots of technical knowledge.

  7. 30 day Money Back Guarantee

    Still, to give you peace of mind, you will be glad to know that you have a “30 day money back guarantee” from the company.

    You can opt to terminate your account within 30 days of creating a new account or within 30 days of renewal of an existing account. Refund will be provided on all eligible payment. Domain registration is not eligible since the domain name is registered under your name (You are free to host it on another web host).

Is LunarPages recommended?

With over 15 years of experience in the IT solutions and web hosting industry, LunarPages has certainly been recognized as a leader in providing solutions to corporates, businesses as well as personal website owners. They have a number of reliable and reasonably priced hosting plans as we have discussed above that I strongly urge you to check out.

No matter whether you are new to website building or an e-commerce website owner or a larger organization, LunarPages has a plan that will suit your requirements.

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