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I have tried many different web hosts over the years, but iPage offers some features and benefits that most other companies can’t compete with. In our discussion today, I’ll be sharing some of the reasons why I prefer iPage for web hosting.

A brief introduction to iPage

iPage has been in business for more than 10 years and hosts over a million websites! They are a truly global web hosting company, with 6 locations around the world and customers in 150 countries.

iPage web hosting

This web hosting company offers reliable and secure web hosting, very attentive support and many other strong features such as unlimited email accounts, an user friendly website builder and great marketing tools. This is a solid web host to use regardless of your prior experience creating websites.

For the reasons I’ll be discussing below, I find iPage to be an extremely well-rounded web hosting solution. They not only provide an impressive number of key features with every account, but they also have good pricing, support, marketing tools and more.

  1. Lots of features are included

    iPage only offers one web hosting plan, called the iPage Essential Plan. Don’t be disheartened because there is only one plan, because this single plan includes all the features that you will ever need. Some of the core features include:

    • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Domains Under a Single Account
    • Free Domain for 1 Year
    • Unlimited MySQL Databases
    • Drag and Drop Site Builder – you can build a site of up to 6 pages without any coding needed.
    • Advertising Credits – $100 Google AdWords coupon, $25 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search, $50 Credit for Facebook Advertising
    • Unlimited Email Addresses, Email Forwarding, Autoresponders
    • E-Commerce Features – online store, shopping carts, PayPal integration.
    • Support 24/7 by Phone, Email or Live Chat


    These key features are designed to help you build a website as quickly as possible. Beginners can take advantage of the site builder, which uses a simple, point-and-click process. More experienced website owners can use the many advanced tools provided by iPage.

    There are features that can help you customize your website or give it a special theme. Some of these include:

    • Blogging Scripts – WordPress, b2evolution, PixelPost
    • Content Management Systems (CMS) – Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, e107
    • Image Galleries – ZenPhoto, Coppermine, Gallery2
    • Forums – phpBB, Gbook, SMF


    These are all applications that you can install for free with your iPage account, and that don’t require any coding skills. You may or may not need any of these applications right away, but they give you the ability to add all kinds of features to your website whenever you want.

  2. Free advertising credits and marketing tools

    iPage doesn’t only make it easy to build a website, they also give you the means to attract visitors and customers. If you sign up with them, you will get the following:

    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • $100 Google AdWords credit
    • $50 Facebook advertising credit
    • $25 Yahoo!/Bing sponsored search credit
    • Free listing
    • Free Toll Free Phone Number (for U.S. only)


    This allows you to start an advertising campaign without using any of your own money. The motivation for giving you these credits is the hope that you’ll continue advertising long term, but that’s entirely up to you.

    With any type of advertising, it’s usually necessary to do some testing before your ads become profitable. These free advertising credits allow you to test your campaigns without using your own money!

  3. Top notch customer support

    One of the things I like best about iPage is the high level of support. This is something that you can’t overlook when comparing web hosts. You always want to be able to reach someone in case there’s a problem or issue. This also is a good indication of how a company treats its customers.

    With iPage, you can reach someone 24/7 by phone, email or live chat. You will never have to worry about what day or time it is if you have a question. They also have a very good record for providing prompt support. The average call is answered in approximately 60 seconds!

    The support staff at iPage is rigorously trained, so they are well equipped to answer your questions. There is also plenty of information available to help you figure out many things yourself. There are lots of tutorials that teach you how to use the various features offered by them.

  4. Pricing and money back guarantee

    iPage offers very reasonable rates for web hosting, as well as frequent promotions that allow you to save even more. Right now, for example, they are letting people sign up for $1.89 per month for the first 3 months. This special rate, however, is only available if you sign up for 2 or 3 years.

    If you prefer to only sign up for a year, you can still get the $1.89 for 3 months special, and after that it will go up to $4.60/month – which is still a very good value for quality web hosting.

    iPage also has an anytime money back guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied at any point you can get a refund for the unused time on your account. This makes signing up with iPage a very low risk investment!


When it comes to web hosting, you can’t just look at one or two issues. You have to consider the whole package – how much experience the company has, their customer support, basic features offered, price and so on.

iPage is one of the few companies that manages to excel in all of these major areas. The fact that they are very reasonable and offer a generous money back guarantee is an added bonus. I would definitely recommend you to check out iPage, whether you are planning to build your first website or if you are tired of dealing with an inferior web hosting company.

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