Business web hosting

Why InMotion is the Best Business Web Hosting

The web hosting company you use is extremely important if you have a business site. Your web host helps to keep your site secure at all times, and ensures that it remains online with a minimum of downtime.

Business web hosting

InMotion Hosting has a reputation for being one of the best business hosts in the industry. In this article, we will be taking a close look at this company to find out if they deserve this reputation.

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What you get with InMotion Business Hosting

InMotion has several different web hosting options, but their Business Hosting plans are what we will be focusing on here. There are several different options to choose from, each with its own features.

  1. Launch

    InMotion Launch

    This is the starter package, perfect for new websites, blogs and smaller businesses. You can host up to 2 websites with this plan, and up to 6 parked domains and 25 sub-domains. It also comes with up to 1,000 FTP accounts and 2 MySQL databases.

    The Launch plan also gives you $75 in Google AdWords credits, which is useful for starting off an advertising campaign. If you are just creating your first business site, you might find that this plan, which currently costs $5.59 per month, is more than sufficient for your needs.

  2. Power

    InMotion Power

    This is InMotion’s most popular business plan. If you choose this one, you can have up to 6 websites, 26 parked domains and 100 sub-domains. This plan is more suitable if you want to have multiple websites under one account. Of course, this hosting plan is great if you plan to create multiple blogs.

    With this plan you get $100 in AdWords credits. Additional features include up to 2,000 FTP accounts and 50 MySQL databases. Although this plan provides you with double the resources of the Launch plan, it only costs a couple of dollars more, $7.19 per month.

  3. Pro

    InMotion Pro

    This is the most comprehensive business plan offered by InMotion. With this one you can have up to 25 websites, and unlimited parked domains and sub-domains. You get a $100 Google AdWords credit, unlimited FTP accounts and 200 MySQL databases.

    This plan is slightly expensive at $13.99 per month. Anyway, I think this is still a bargain if you’re running a large number of websites.

Which Business Plan is the best?

If you’re wondering which of these 3 business plans is most suitable for you, it’s just a matter of considering your requirements and goals. For most people who have a business site or a blog, the Power plan is the best option. In fact, according to our statistics, this is also the most popular plan. You get a generous array of resources, and it’s not much more expensive than the Launch plan.

If you only have one or two websites and don’t have any plans to create more, then the Launch plan might be most suitable for you. On the other hand, if you know you’re going to start a large number of sites, you may want to jump right in and choose the Pro plan. Think about what you want to do now, and also what your future goals entail.

Anyway, you can always start with the cheapest plan first, and when your needs grow in the future, you can then upgrade to a higher plan. Upgrading is as simple as giving the hosting company an email and paying the price difference.

Special features at a glance

No matter which of their plans you choose, there are certain advantages to signing up with InMotion web hosting. They are a trusted and experienced company that has been in business since 2001. They host more than 300,000 domains for both personal and business sites of all kinds.

Max Speed Zone

Here are some of the additional benefits that InMotion offers:

  • Multiple Data Centers and Max Speed Zones

    InMotion uses multiple data centers to ensure maximum speed and reliability. You can choose where to host your website, so that your website is served by a data center that is close to where you are located. Or where your target customers and audiences are located.

    They also have several Max Speed Zones that can enable your website and email to run up to six times faster. This is a unique system that is only offered by this hosting provider!

  • Advanced Hosting Plans

    While the business hosting plans mentioned above give you plenty of resources, there are also choices for larger and higher traffic websites. InMotion has both VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and Dedicated servers.

    These hosting plans are more expensive, but a worthwhile investment if you need something beyond shared hosting.

  • Website Building Tools

    InMotion has some very convenient tools for building a website quickly without having to deal with coding. You can install applications such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla in a single click using the Softaculous script installer.

    They also include a Premium Web Builder that gives you a choice of over 500 professionally designed themes. These themes are aimed at different interests or businesses, and you can also customize the look of your site easily. Unlike most website builders, this one allows you to add a flash intro!

  • Great Support

    InMotion provides constant, U.S. based support every hour of the day, every day of the year. You have a choice of talking to someone on the phone or via email or live chat.

    Their support center also has a very large knowledgebase where many common issues are addressed. There is community support as well, where experienced users can ask each other questions.

    If you have more complicated technical issues that require additional expertise and dedicated help, you can sign up for their Premier support. You will be guaranteed a much faster response too. There are 3 levels of premier support, starting at $40 per month. For most everyday matters regarding your website, however, standard support is all you will ever need.


If you are looking for the best possible web host for business hosting, it’s hard to beat InMotion. They have the most advanced technology and offer hard to find benefits, such as multiple data centers and their unique Max Speed Zones.

You can find a plan that works for you, whether it’s one of the 3 business plans or something more advanced such as VPS or dedicated hosting. You should consider what type of website you have, how much traffic you expect, and if you’re planning to build more sites in the near future. This can help you decide which hosting plan is most suitable for you.

We’ve looked at just some of the reasons why InMotion is highly recommended for business hosting. If you want to learn more, pay a visit to their site at

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